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are you Worried you may have termites?

Termites are a major cause of property damage in Australia. An undetected termite infestation can quickly lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Canfield Pest Control are fully qualified and insured to carry out standard termite inspections. Our inspection focuses solely on identifying active and damaged areas as well as any conducive conditions for future termite activity. We make sure you get the information you need to protect your home from further damage before it’s too late!

standard termite inspection

A standard termite inspection should be conducted annually at minimum, according to the advice given by Australian Standards, State Government, and building authorities. Determining how often inspections should be carried out is based on the level of termite activity. If more termite activity is observed, more frequent inspections may be needed.

A professional termite inspection involves surveying your property and all buildings to check for signs of termites. All of our inspections meet Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000, which outlines the national standards for termite management. It’s a comprehensive look at every part of your property, with no stone unturned to ensure no signs of termite activity are missed.

Full termite inspections can last up to two hours and involve several checks to look for any signs of termite activity throughout your property.

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termite inspection
Roof void inspections are vital for wood and metal framed houses alike

inspection checklist

Our qualified inspectors will cover a number of points, examining both the inside and outside of your home. Our checklist includes:

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World Class Termite Inspection Equipment

Termatrac T3i is one of our key and most used inspection tools. Termite activity beneath the surface of your property can be tracked more accurately giving you the confidence that we have done everything possible to safeguard your home.

Termatrac T3i Benefits

  • Motion detector: non-invasive radar technology detects movement behind walls.
  • Thermal measurements: detects small differences in wall temperatures that may indicate termite activity
  • Moisture measurement: easily and accurately identify areas of high excess moisture which may indicate a water leak or termite activity
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