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Termites are a widespread problem in most parts of Australia, but they are most prevalent in warm, wet areas, such as coastal towns and humid climates.

Here at Canfield Pest Control, we have extensive knowledge of how termites thrive in the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas. We know what treatments work best in this climate and other conditions.

We have been able to help many homeowners solve their termite problem and prevent it from occurring again through an effective termite protection plan.

eradicating active termites

When you have or suspect that you have termites, it is important to call us as soon as possible. An ongoing, regular inspection by a qualified termite technician is highly recommended if you want to minimise any potential damage to your property caused by termites.


Although it may be tempting, we strongly discourage touching any suspicious areas. Breaking open wood or destroying termite mud tunnels can result in termites fleeing the area and making it more difficult to control them. 

Insecticide aerosols are effective in killing the termites you spray, but it won’t kill the nest. If you decide to spray the termites you will find that the remaining termites will avoid the treated area but will appear somewhere else on your property.

Nasutitermes soldiers protecting a broken mud lead up the side of a house
Termite damage caused by schedorhinotermes that was found behind a bookshelf when doing an inspection

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our free onsite termite treatement quote

We base our treatment recommendations and pricing on a number of factors, including the type of termite attack, the species present, the entry points, the construction of the property, and any environmental factors.

The goal of our service is to provide you with a risk-free, no-obligation quote that you can rely on to remove the active termites and protect your home.

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Termite damage that started as fungal decay that termites are attracted to, Fungal decay creates cellulose in turn attracts termites

termite treatment process


Termite Inspection

Inspection of your home is the best way to find out what level of damage prevention and control your home might need. We will conduct an inspection of your home in accordance with Australian Standard 3660.0 to determine what management of termites within your home is required, what remedial steps may be required and the most appropriate installation and management plan for your home and circumstances.


Treatment Proposal

We will only recommend the best termite treatment that is tailored to your property. If the treatment proposal is accepted before a complete inspection has been conducted (as is often the case when we provide free quotes), we may present more than one option, showing each of their advantages and disadvantages. The proposal may be revised depending on the inspection results.



We begin the treatment process. Depending on the treatment you have chosen, it can take anywhere between two weeks and several months to completely eliminate active termites from your property.


Confirmed Termite Control

After treatment, we complete another inspection according to Australian Standards AS 3660.2000 to confirm the property is free from active termites.


Installation of Termite Management System

As a precaution against future termite attacks, we will install a termite management system, which can either be a termite soil treatment or a termite monitoring and baiting system.

we provide lasting termite protection

To ensure the termites do not return, we will install a termite management system around your property. There are two types of systems we offer:

Termite soil treatment

The purpose of installing a soil treatment is to provide a long-lasting “barrier” in the soil around the structure to prevent termites from entering and causing major damage to your building. Termidor termite treatment does not repel termites and allows termites to forage freely into the treated zone where they become infected and carry it back to the colony and infect others. This is also known as “The Transfer Effect”. The combination of Termidor being undetectable in the soil and its Transfer Effect means no other termiticide performs as well as Termidor and is one of the reasons why we choose to use this trusted brand.  

Preparation For a chemical barrier by canfield pest control

Termite monitoring and baiting systems

Termite baiting is designed to protect structures by eliminating foraging termites around your home. The Trelona Advance Termite Bait System is the latest technology in termite monitoring and baiting. It combines the latest research in termite behaviour with the most advanced termite bait system providing year-round protection. Click here to learn more.

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termite treatment cost

Termite control costs depend on many variables, including the type of system chosen, the termites themselves, and the severity of the infestation. Which system is most suitable depends on your property’s size, construction, layout, age, and other factors.

Beware of ‘cheap’ termite treatments. You may end up paying more in the long term for retreating or worse still, a repairs bill for damage to your property caused by an incorrectly installed treatment and a termite infestation. Always make sure the company you choose is insured, licensed and will give you a written warranty covering their service. That’s the only way you can assure yourself of a quality termite treatment.

With Canfield Pest Control, you get a professional pest control company with highly qualified and experienced Termite Inspectors in the Greater Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast areas. We’re licensed, insured, and we guarantee quality termite treatment that will last. 

When you’re ready to protect your home from termites, we’re here to help. Call us today on 0432 172 078 for your FREE, no-obligation quote.

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