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Termite baiting systems provide an effective alternative to liquid soil treatments. A termite bait is the most reliable method of eliminating termite nests when the nests themselves are not visible.

Termite baiting explained

Termite baiting is designed to protect structures by eliminating foraging termites around your home. The Trelona® ATBS Advance Termite Baiting System allows us the opportunity to tailor the most appropriate termite management solution for your home.

We will strategically install ATBS stations around your home creating a ring of protection that does not attract termites but rather intercepts them during their natural foraging behaviour. Their strategic design and powerful active ingredient provides faster discovery, faster consumption, and faster colony elimination.

We will then identify the required inspections period, which may vary from one to six monthly intervals, depending on the level of activity, sites risks and the type of system to be installed (monitoring vs. active).

A Termite Inspection carried out a by a licensed and professional Termite Inspector is critical prior to installation. The findings of a visual termite inspection AS3660.2 will determine if an active termite treatment is required.

The unique advantage of Trelona® ATBS is that it can be used in combination with our Termidor® HE soil treatment system. In instances where additional “peace of mind” is desired, we can design a treatment plan combining the power of these two trusted technologies.

Trelona advance termite baiting system (ATBS)

The Trelona® ATBS Advance Termite Baiting System has been developed to allow pest management professionals the opportunity to tailor the most appropriate termite management solution, for any Australian home.

Should You Use Termite Baiting or Liquid Soil Treatment?

Liquid soil treatments are an excellent way to protect your property. While these treatments can be useful in some situations, they cannot be applied in every case. You should be cautious if a company insists on pushing one treatment over others that may be more appropriate for your situation.

A liquid soil treatment forms a treated area around your home to prevent termites from entering, whereas termite baiting systems actually kill the termite nests, alleviating termite pressure. 

No preference is given to liquid soil treatments or baiting systems by Canfield Pest Control. We only recommend the options best suited for your specific situation. 

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